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In Charge Of The Parade This Year? Bulk Candy Will Put A Smile On Everyone’s Face!

In Charge Of The Parade This Year? Bulk Candy Will Put A Smile On Everyone’s Face!
Putting on a parade is no easy feat, but it is a very special, memorable way to honor a celebrated figure in your town or an important occasion. You’ll need to coordinate with your local fire station and police to ensure the proper roadways are blocked off, and of course you need a fire truck to set that regal tone to your parade! Work with your local high school and middle school to see if the students can craft floats for your parade, and check with local vintage car aficionados to see if they’d like to drive in your parade, as well.

Tossing Bulk Candy into the crowd along your parade route is an absolute must, and such a revered tradition. No matter the size of your parade, you need to have quite a supply of bulk candy on hand to ensure everyone along the parade route gets a few handfuls. Read on to learn about some of the most popular parade bulk candy choices.

Goetze’s Caramel Creams Bulk Candy
Remember these delicious caramel candies from when you were younger? Their sweet vanilla cream center makes them an absolute delight. They’re individually wrapped to ensure they make it from the sidewalk and into your mouth cleanly and safely!

Chocolate Quarters Bulk Candy
Wouldn’t it just be a dream if someone tossed handfuls of quarters out? Our chocolate quarters may not exactly be considered valid currency, but they do taste delicious and the youngsters just love to pick them up and see how many quarters they have!

Tootsie Frooties Bulk Candy
Tootsie rolls are so tasty, and our Tootsie Roll Frooties are even more delicious, with great flavors including green apple, chocolate, fruit punch, and strawberry. These are always a crowd favorite, so both adults and kids will be delighted that they’ll have these delicious Tootsie Frooties to enjoy!

Sour Wacky Taffy Bulk Candy
Taffy is another parade bulk candy favorite. Our Sour Wacky Taffy puts a fun modern spin on the traditional taffy bulk candy, featuring sour rainbow flavor, sour cherry, sour grape, and sour strawberry flavors!

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