Which Chocolate Easter Bunny Am I?

Which Chocolate Easter Bunny Am I?
Easter brings with it a wealth of Chocolate Easter Bunny choices, begging the question, “Oh, which one do I choose?!” We’ve written about our wide variety of chocolate Easter bunny choices before, but this year, we wanted to take the chance to get you more actively involved in deciding which chocolate bunny should be number one on your Easter chocolate list this year. Take our fun quiz to discover which chocolate rabbit best represents your personality (but don’t be afraid to eat the others, too!).

1. You step outside, ready to take on the day. What are you wearing?

a. A polo shirt and slacks – casual but classic.

b. A bright skirt, dark shirt, and a big, funky necklace. Sorta matches the art you love to create.

c. Jeans and a graphic tee with a fun saying on it. Life is better when you’re laughing!

2. You’ll of course be enjoying a Chocolate Easter Bunny for dessert, but what’s on your plate for lunch?

a. Soup and sandwich. There’s simply nothing better than a meal you know will be delicious.

b. A creative salad you mixed up – shrimp, feta cheese, olive oil, almonds, and so much more!

c. Lunchables. Sure, they’re for kids lunches, but you love how fun they look all packed up into their own compartments.

3. Besides a chocolate Easter bunny, what’s inside your Easter basket?

a. Cadbury Crème Eggs, malted milk eggs, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs – you know, all the delicious usuals!

b. Paint brushes and new oil paints.

c. A comic book, Fun Dip, and Jelly Beans- the more fun candy, the merrier!

Quiz Results

Mostly A’s: You love all things classic, so you’re our Solid Double Crisp Chocolate Easter Bunny! This chocolate bunny is an Easter candy staple, and your Easter basket simply isn’t complete without it. There’s nothing wrong with chocolatey tradition, so go ahead and enjoy your chocolate Easter bunny!

Mostly B’s: You’ve certainly got a creative spirit, and your chocolate Easter bunny should reflect it, making our Pastel Pals Hollow Chocolate Bunnies a must for you! They’re designed with colorful pastel accents, making your chocolate Easter bunny appealing for both your eyes and your tastebuds.

Mostly C’s: You’re laughing most of the time, aren’t you? We think that’s one excellent quality, and our Whacky Wabbit Chocolate Easter Bunny will have you tastebuds happily laughing and hungry for more. These mischievous chocolate Easter bunnies are sure to make you smile all throughout Easter day!

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