Gluten Free Halloween Candy

Gluten Free Halloween Candy

Gluten sensitivity is becoming a more and more prevalent condition, with many adults and children only now realizing that the stomach issues they regularly experience are as a result of their gluten intolerance. Gluten free diets are very common, and we’re happy to report that a happy Halloween is possible with Gluten Free Halloween Candy! Many of your favorite Halloween candy varieties just so happen to be gluten free, too!


Gluten Free Halloween Candy Bars

If your little devil or Princess loves candy bars at Halloween, switch to gluten free Halloween candy bars! Think Butterfinger Candy Bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Milk Duds, and even Clark Bars. You don’t have to do without these so scrumptious gluten free Halloween candy bar favorites this Halloween!

Gluten Free Halloween Lollipops

Halloween lollipops are a staple of Halloween candy bars. Many of your trick or treaters this year may be on gluten free diets, so they, and their parents, will think it’s fang-tastic that you included gluten free Halloween lollipops in your candy bowl! Go for favorites like Charms Blow Pop Lollipops, Caramel Apple Lollipops, Lite Up Ring Pops, and Push Pops.

Gluten Free Halloween Gummy Candy

Halloween just isn’t complete without opening a pack of creepy looking, but so delectable, Gummy Worms! Well, they’re gluten free now, too! Other gluten free Halloween gummy candy picks include Gummy Octopus Candy, Gummy Apple Rings, and Trolli Gummy Bears.

Gluten Free Halloween Novelty Candy

Novelty candy is just plain fun, and we think it’s just so spooktacular to open a Halloween candy treat bag and find gluten free Halloween novelty candy favorites inside like Candy Wax Fangs, Nik L Nip Candy Wax Bottles, Air Heads Taffy, and Wonka Runts! Halloween is all about having fun, and gluten free Halloween candy does just that.

Gluten Free Halloween Candy allows adults and kids to carry on with their cherished Halloween candy traditions, even with gluten sensitivity. If you’re like us, candy conjures up fun, silly memories for you, and we intend to make even more memories, even if our diets mean it’ll be gluten free Halloween candy, instead!

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