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Gummy Candy Favorites - The Animals Have It!

Gummy Candy Favorites - The Animals Have It!
At BlairCandy.com, we’ve tasted just about every delicious gummy candy treat that has ever been created, and for all the fresh, fruity flavors and unique shapes these sweets tend to take, the gummy candy kingdom definitely seems to be run by the animals! This is not to say that we’ll ever turn down a peach gummy ring, or a sweet slice of gummy pizza. But when we look to the candies that people turn to time and again, the Blair Candy Crew included, there is no denying an animal theme! Let’s take a look at the undisputed animal kings and queens of gummy candy…

Gummy Bears - The top dog of gummy candy isn’t a dog at all, but a brightly colored bear of chewy, tasty terrific-ness. Many of us can’t remember a time in our lives before gummy bears, or at the very least simply don’t care to! The perfect movie companion to popcorn, a beary best friend on a tough day, a simple, sweet snack whenever and wherever, the gummy bear is the captain of Team Gummy!

Gummy Worms - Coming in at a close second to the gummy bear is its slithery little sidekick - gummy worms! Much like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, there are several ways to enjoy this gummy candy. I personally enjoy biting them between their ridges, turning my 1 treat into 2 treats! I also enjoy sucking on them for a bit to soften them up before chewing to my hearts delight. Eating them just about any other way anyone has ever eaten them is probably a good way too, because they all involve eating gooey gummy worms, and I’m definitely a fan of that.

Swedish Fish - A gummy candy list without Swedish Fish is a gummy candy list I want no part of! These little red lovelies are a family favorite, which means they always make an appearance at birthday parties and holiday gatherings. You might even say Swedish Fish are like a family pet, but instead of petting them we eat them. Yeah…maybe we shouldn’t say they’re a family pet.

Gummi Peach Penguins - This gummy candy may not be a household name like gummy bears, gummy worms and Swedish Fish, but we’re predicting this sweet star’s rise to fame is a certainty! Not only are these chubby gummies delicious, but they’re in the shape of penguins, and everyone loves penguins. We aren’t sure that’s a fact in the true sense of the word, but we can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t love penguins. Except maybe Swedish Fish. In fact, just to be sure we don’t run out of Swedish Fish unexpectedly, we keep them far away from the penguin gummy candy in the warehouse!

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