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Celebrate Your Parent’s Birthdays With Old Fashioned Candy And Timeless Memories

Celebrate Your Parent’s Birthdays With Old Fashioned Candy And Timeless Memories
The transition between your parents whipping up birthday cakes for you and snapping photo after photo, to you hosting birthday parties for your aging parents, happens all too soon. Your parents may say they don’t want a big “to do” for their birthdays as they age, but every year is worth celebrating! Candy plays a memorable role in our lives, and celebrating with Old Fashioned Candy is a fun way to show them you care and want to honor their years.

Old Fashioned Candy Birthday Invitations

You’ll want to invite your family and your parent’s friends to their birthday festivities. Skip sending an email – a birthday invitation sent via “snail mail” creates just the right party impression you want. Choose a birthday card that reflects the decade they were born, and include a few pieces of old fashioned candy inside the card, such as Flipsticks Taffy.

Old Fashioned Candy Cakes

Blowing out the candles is a birthday party tradition, but you first need a wonderful cake for your parent’s birthdays! You can keep it simple – choose a plain white sheet cake, and write happy birthday to your Mom or Dad in gel icing across the cake. Then, go crazy with the old fashioned candy! Decorate it with old time favorites like Air Heads Taffy, Broadway Strawberry Licorice Rolls, Circus Peanuts, and more. Mom and Dad will light up with a bright smile when they see what a creative cake you crafted!

Old Fashioned Candy Gifts

Guests always of course want to bring a gift to a birthday party, but do your parents really want more “stuff”? After all, they have just about every do-dad and kitchen gadget they could possibly want by now! Instead, ask your guests to bring along some old fashioned candy that reminds them of memories of your parents – perhaps Marshmallow Candy Cones, Nik L Nips Candy Wax Bottles, and Pixy Stix from humid summers in the neighborhood.

You love your parents, so act on the love by throwing them an amazing birthday party! They’ll feel so cared for and valued by you, and old fashioned candy makes for a fun way to celebrate all of the memories your parents have as kids. Remind your parents they’re still young with nostalgic candy from their youth!

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