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Cadbury Chocolate Eggs, Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em?

This item can melt!This item can melt!
Cadbury Chocolate Eggs, Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em?When we first tasted Cadbury chocolate eggs, birds started chirping, a rainbow appeared in the sky, and a unicorn walked past us. Okay, so we are embellishing a bit, but the point is, Cadbury chocolate eggs make us very, very happy. We like to say we are part of “Team Cadbury Crème”, people who just can’t get enough of that ooey gooey chocolate Easter candy goodness—those of us who see that shiny foil and feel tears of joy filling our eyeballs. Then, we have what we’ll call “Team Cadbury Scream”, those crazies who believe that Cadbury Crème Eggs are the worst thing to ever happen to chocolate Easter candy--those who see the eggs and run.

In fact, this matter is so important to us (it’s not really all that important, but we are trying to sound melodramatically official here), we took a poll of 150 random people (and yes, we really did take a poll). While 31% are on Team Cadbury Crème, a hefty 27% are on Team Cadbury Scream—horrifying, indeed! But even more surprising is the fact the remaining people are kind of neutral, and can take or leave our precious little Easter candy orbs of sweetness.

We’re not sure what those monkey-in-the-middle and Team Scream haters are all about, because as far as we are concerned, Cadbury chocolate eggs are the best a bunny ever laid! Come on, admit it, even if you don’t care for Cadbury Crème Eggs, you loved that oh-so-memorable commercial where the bunny bawks like a chicken and lays the Cadbury chocolate eggs. Whatever—you don’t have to admit it, but we know the truth, Pinocchio.

And now, the great folks at Cadbury have bestowed upon us a whole skillet full of egg varieties, and has them. Team Cadbury Scream, try the crispy Cadbury chocolate eggs for a change of pace. And, pay attention, Team Cadbury Crème, our personal favorite is the adorable mini Cadbury Crème Eggs, not only for all of the aforementioned reasons about our crush on Cadbury Crème Eggs, but also because they come in the cutest little egg carton—a full dozen.

Whatever your Easter candy taste, is here to be sure you are as happy as a bunny feasting on your neighbor’s backyard garden. But, no matter what, Cadbury chocolate eggs will always make us hop for joy!
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