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Play The “I Feel What?!” Game At Your Halloween Party With Gummy Eyeballs And More

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Play The “I Feel What?!” Game At Your Halloween Party With Gummy Eyeballs And MoreHosting a Halloween party this year? Whether you’re 16 or 32, fun Halloween party games are an absolute must at your Halloween party. You’ve likely played the classic “I Feel What?!” game here and there over the years – you’re asked to close your eyes or are blindfolded; you touch or stick your hand in something, and then guess what exactly you just touched! Of course, you want to make sure each selection is as gross-feeling and realistic as possible, to make the game, and your Halloween party, just so memorable.

Here’s some fun ways to make the “I Feel What?!” game a fun success at your Halloween party:

Gummy Eyeballs In Gelatin: Gummy Eyeballs are a natural choice for this game at your Halloween party, with their gummy candy consistency feeling so gross when you reach your hand into a bowl of them! Fill a bowl with Gummy Eyeballs, and pour in slightly melted gelatin. Stick your hand into the bowl – if it feels as sticky and gross as possible, you have the right idea!

Spaghetti Worms: Next, cook thick spaghetti to resemble creepy worms. Put the spaghetti inside a glass, with several of the “worms” on the sides of the glass, as if they’re trying to make their escape. Have the lucky person stick their hand in the glass, and as you do, be sure to put a strand of spaghetti on their hand or arm for extra effect!

Witch Fingers: Oh no! It looks like witch’s fingers made their way inside your home! Well, in Witch Fingers Lollipop form, at least! Like Gummy Eyeballs, not only do witch fingers look spooky, but imagine filling a shallow tree with bunches of dough and the witch fingers lollipop, and having to run your fingers across the tray? Eeek!

And Their Fingernails: We have the Witch Fingers down, but we wouldn’t want to leave out witch fingernails, would we? Blue Diamond Almonds are a snack favorite here at, but put them in a bowl, ask your party to guests to stick their hands into it, and all of a sudden they feel like witch fingernails! Just wait til they touch the Gummy Eyeballs!

Intestines: The mere thought of putting our hands into a bowl of intestines sends shivers down our spines, but how about filling that bowl with large, cut-up bits of the slippery white portion of hard boiled eggs? Sound gross? Then it’s perfect for your Halloween party!

The most fun Halloween parties are the ones where you allow yourself to get creative. Sure, Gummy Eyeballs may just be a sweet treat and almonds look quite innocent on the shelf during the day, but add a blindfold and a spooky Halloween party, and they’re transformed into a creepy game! Join us over on our BlairCandy Facebook Page and @BlairCandy on Twitter to share more ghoulishly great ideas for your own rendition of the “I Feel What?!” game!
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