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Jelly Belly Sours Flavors Say Absolutely Nothing About Your Personality, But Let’s Pretend

This item can melt!This item can melt!
Jelly Belly Sours Flavors Say Absolutely Nothing About Your Personality, But Let’s PretendThe Rorschach (rawr-shahk) Test dates back to 1921, and is a personality test that is not so much about the ink blots (I see an Easter Bunny, oh wait…no, that’s chocolate bar, or is it a boat…) but more about the subject’s behavior exhibited during every moment of the testing process. An interesting test, no doubt, but don’t worry, isn’t going to charge you $500 to rack your brain and tell you who you are, but we can have some fun trying!

If you like Jelly Belly sours, you already have one point in the personality department, as far as we are concerned. Let’s face it, Jelly Belly just oozes fun (Yep, we said ooze—eiiw! Maybe they should make Jelly Belly sours that have some sort of squishy sour center, but we digress…)

As we were saying before the self-diagnosed A.D.D. set in, if Easter candies were members of a high school class, the Jelly Belly brand is the funky, artsy one sitting in the back of the room, doodling away as if she is painfully clueless, but really is just bored because she isn’t challenged enough…sigh. You get the idea.

And, when you consider the Jelly Belly sours variety of the notorious Jelly Belly family, well, now we’re talking! If you like sour stuff, you most certainly are cool. Sour is stylish, sour is sassy, sour is…okay, we’ll proceed to some other sour silliness.

Fasten your seatbelt, because we are about to reveal who you really are: Your Jelly Belly sours preferences make you an open book, emo:

Sour Apple: The apple…the forbidden fruit…need we say more?! You like to live on the edge and you don’t give a rat’s asp about the “rules”. You are a nonconformist, Eve!

Sour Blueberry: You were born to be wild, blueberry! Wild blueberries are a Maine-stay, and you know how those Maine-iacs can rock! You know what else is popular in Maine? Foxes! So not only are you a wild child, but you are probably pretty easy on the eyes, you foxy one!

Sour Grape: Remember the oh-so-famous bunch of [people] fruit that promote some fashionable tightie whities? Okay, so undies have come a long way beyond the “traditional” varieties. But the bunch of fruit hasn’t changed much, and we have to admit, when we think of the people fruit, we think of the grapes. What does this all mean for you? Well, you probably like Halloween a bunch (pun intended!) and you are a little goofy, but you are recognized wherever you go.

Sour Lemon: It’s not a good sign when your Jelly Belly sours fave flave is associated with getting put through the ringer with a piece-of-junk car that has nothing but problems. But hey, no one is perfect, right? Sorry, lemonhead; you don’t always make the best decisions, but we think you are sweet, anyway.

Sour Orange: Oranges make us think of the Sunshine State (that’s Florida, for those of you who were doodling during Geography class) and both just exude happiness! If sour orange is your top choice, you are warm and full of cheer.

Sour Peach: This one is a no-brainer. It’s just peachy; you’re a real peach. Everyone loves you. Yippie skippy.

Sour Raspberry: The raspberry is often paired with cheesecake or chocolate…both delectable, so we think your personality is just delish!

Sour Strawberry: Strawberry is sort of the universal fruit. Everyone loves strawberry, right? Unless you have an allergy, of course; then strawberries are your nemesis. So basically, if sour strawberry blows your hair back, you are a charmer to most. And if you are allergic to strawberries, well, you are your own worst enemy.

Sour Watermelon: We kind of consider sour watermelon to be the fraternal twin of sour strawberry, so please see above. Oh wait, fraternal twins aren’t any more alike than other siblings. Nevermind.
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