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5 Questions With The Easter Bunny, By Your Favorite Online Candy Store

This item can melt!This item can melt!
5 Questions With The Easter Bunny, By Your Favorite Online Candy StoreThe Easter bunny always stops by our Altoona candy warehouse to stock up on Easter candy as he delivers those chocolately morsels every Spring, and we here at the online candy store had the chance to sit this roving bunny down and grill him on all things Easter candy and bunny-related!

Q: We can’t help but ask – how exactly did a six foot tall bunny like you come to be?
A: The kids always ask me this question. I was born by normal-size bunny parents. One day, a human with a British accent dropped a Cadbury Egg on the ground. I scurried over, bit into the Cadbury Egg, and this magic swirl of pastel colors and carrots surrounded me – suddenly I was six feet tall and had a penchant for delivering Easter candy to kids and adults every Spring!

Q: Which Easter candy do you always eat up before you get a chance to deliver it? C’mon, admit it.
A: Wellll, see those Gardners Peanut Butter Egg Trays in your warehouse and on your online candy store shelves – yeah, I do my homework – those are just…irresistible. Biting into chocolate and discovering peanut butter inside puts this Easter bunny in a Springtastic mood. Just don’t tell anyone or they’ll start complaining about not getting any Gardners peanut butter eggs.

Q: Jelly Beans. Which flavor makes your bunny tail happy and which do your turn your ears away at?
A: Let me take a look at your Jelly Beans selection on your online candy store – hmm, I’d say juicy pear. Gives me some refreshment when I’m making the trek from house to house. They’re in high demand on my Easter candy list, but an Easter bunny just doesn’t look good with his lips all puckered from Jelly Belly Sours. And you know how I have to impress my public at the malls.

Q: Do you dance the bunny hop?
A: Only at weddings.

Q: Give us a sneak peek – what can we expect in our Easter baskets this year?
A: I can’t give away everything, Easter baskets have to be a surprise, but let’s just say an “E. Bunny” placed a rather large Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, Whopper’s Robin Eggs, Jelly Belly Sours, Dark Chocolate Covered Peeps, and Gardners Chocolate Eggs order a few months ago on your online candy store. Betcha you didn’t even know it was me!

Thanks to the Easter bunny for giving our online candy store folks a glimpse into what makes him hop!
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