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Find Out Which Tootsie Pop Candy Flavor Reflects Your Personality!

This item can melt!This item can melt!
Tootsie Pop candy lollipops are our staff favorites here at! A few of our staff members even took the Tootsie Pop Challenge to see how many licks it takes to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop, and we urge you to try, too! We noticed that some of our staff only chose certain Tootsie Pop flavors, and it made us wonder if thereís a Tootsie Pop candy flavor for every personality. We think so, and we hope youíll take the quiz to find out what flavor you are.

1. You adore candy, but you also canít pass up dessert. The dessert choice that most makes your mouth water is:

A. Banana Cream Pie
B. Cherry Pie
C. Chocolate mousse
D. Blueberry pie, with raspberries on top

2. When visiting an amusement park, you tend to:

A. Be adventurous and try to ride every roller coaster in the park.
B. Stick to the old favorites: wooden roller coasters, bumper cars, and the swings.
C. Look for the amusement parkís chocolate and penny candy store.
D. You enjoy a mix of rides and games, from the ferris wheel to the arcade.

3. You step out of your house wearing an outfit similar to:

A. The latest trends shown in your favorite fashion magazines.
B. The old staple: jeans and a t-shirt. How can you go wrong with that?
C. An outfit exuding comfort and style, youíre all about sticking to what you know, but wearing it an attractive fashion.
D. A bit of all your favorite styles, blending it all together into one great style.

Mostly Aís: Banana! Banana is the newest Tootsie Pop candy flavor, and itís a delicious addition. You love to have fun, try new things, and get such a rush out of life!

Mostly Bís: Youíre a Cherry Tootsie Pop. Cherry is one of the traditional Tootsie Pop candy flavors, just like you - you value tradition, but arenít afraid to freshen up the flavor over the years!

Mostly Cís: Chocolate is your Tootsie Pop candy flavor! Chocolate signals that you love to be yourself, but youíre also about indulging and showing off that delicious personality of yours!

Mostly Dís: Blue Raspberry is the Tootsie Pop candy flavor for you! Blue raspberry is one creative concoction of two of our favorite flavors, making your personality quite a mix! People never know exactly what youíre thinking, and you intend to keep it that way!
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